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July 07, 2008



I too was hoping for an exciting match Bob, but I have to say I am a Federer fan. And Vinny, it's all in good fun buddy;)


Man Erin I really stained your mind..All I meant was that you are more Athletic then Mariah..Good greef..YOUR HOT..YOUR HOT..AND REALLY GIRLEY LIKE..LOL

WOW didn't mean to give you a complex..

*walks away feeling bad*


I forgot to add, you mentioned throwing things at the TV. I hope the things that were thrown were pillows and the like and nothing breakable or alive.

Good job Erin, now take a well deserved vacation and leave the laptop at home. Or better yet, use it for when you do target practice on the TV.


Well its one thing to be watching the match, its another to be working on your vacation. You must learn to not do that.

So which one were you rooting for? Or were you just hoping for a competitive exciting match? Personally for me, I was hoping for an exciting match and not a dull one sided one.

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