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July 07, 2008


larry c j

I have to say that first pitch at the ducks ball game you made was good, a little high but good,I mean in front of that large crowd you had to be a little nerves,a nice 93 MPH fast ball from you would have bin good to.I would have a ruff time hitting a pitch from you,I would not be looking at the ball,good job Lauern YOU TAKE CARE AND BE SAFE.

Miguel de Cervantes

Te adoro, Lauren ! Te necesito ! Eres el amor de mi vida ! Quieres casarte conmigo ? Yo quiero Taco Bell !!

Dante Alighieri

Carissima Lauren Sivan, ti amo con tutta l'anima !

William Shakespeare

"Basta" with all this poetry stuff !

Lauren is gorgeous, but enough is ENOUGH !


Never lose the heels girlfriend!

Edgar Allen Joe

I will start this story by saying I should have marked the date.
Cause history was made in Islip on July 6, 2008.
Many baseball pitchers have been placed in the Hall of Fame.
But on this date, Ducks Stadium, they were all put to shame.
There were guys who could throw fast, like Nolan Ryan.
Guys coudln't even touch the ball, and I ain't lying.
Then there was Phil Neikro who threw a knuckleball.
Guys took a swing but would hit nothing at all.
But on this day came a pitcher even better then the legend Warren Spahn.
It was a pitcher with the best curves, that's right News 12 Lauren Sivan.


Lauren, good job on the pitch. You looked much better than Mariah, but sorry to say, Erin looked way better than both of you.


Hey Lauren, great job throwing out the first pitch at the Ducks game!!! Saw the video that night of it. Wish I could've been there in person for it. You definately did a better job than Mariah Carey, and looked better doing it :). The Yankees can use someone like you on their pitching squad!!!


hey lauren, i guess all the others got the memo on daily blogging, haven't seen so much from the whole lot of them. you sure that was a muppet on the jumbothon, it looked like ken grimwall, or lauren sivan, geez it is so hard to tell you all apart.
nice pitch, you should have thrown a brush back pitch at him, let him know you mean business.
heck with the pants, show those nice toned legs off instead.


Well, Lauren, your pitching control (or lack-there-of) will never be mistaken for Mariano Rivera's command of the strike zone, but hey, look on the bright side, at least your pitch wasn't so bad that it made all of Long Island embarrassed by you...like say how it did for all Cincinnati natives when their mayor did this...http://www.funnyhub.com/videos/pages/videos/bad-first-pitch.html

Francis Scott Key

Great pitch, Lauren ! ( And an even greater catch by the great Bud Harrelson !! ) And by the way, Lauren, I'd be proud to have you sing my anthem at any ballgame ANYTIME !


nick, you're right! she's totally being collared.......i m noticing a bird theme here- first the chicken thread and now ducks? and i will hopefully be leading my very own PETA protest at my local KFC. birds rule! including chicks!


hey lauren that picture of you and michael coleman looks more like your about to be put in the back of a police car. too bad i dont know how to use photo shop or i would turn coleman into a cop and send it to you

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