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July 15, 2008



As the story says Officver Rabkevich is the first female member of the NASSAU COUNTY POLICE DEPARTMENT motorcycle platoon.
Officer Rabkevich may not be the first female to complete the training done in Nassau County-- but that is not what this story was about--
The story and the other on ESU were to profile NASSAU COUNTY POLICE-- females who are making their mark in the county department.


Elizabeth Hashagen, NOW FOR THE TRUTH! P.O. Tracy DioGuardio of the Port Washington Police District was the first Woman to be trained as a female officer by the N.C.P.D. for the Motorcycle Unit in 2002 and still rides along side with not only her own department but also with Nassau County and other Police departments in the tri state area. How dare Officer Kristie Rabkevich take the credit as trying to pull herself off as "first female police officer." Officer Kristie Rabkevichs even knows for a fact that she is lying when she has not only met and knows Tracy, but has spoken with P.O. Tracy DioGuardio at numerous times. News 12 and Officer Kristie Rabkevich owe's Tracy Diaguardio not only an apology but the credit and respect Tracy is due being that it was Tracy that worked hard so to make it easier for woman like Miss Rabkevich, but not for Miss Rabkevichto to lie and try to take credit. Just call Port Washington Police District 516-883-0500 for the correct information.

Craig Portee

I just wanted to say hello Liz & congrats on ur success!It's great to see a familiar face & such a great person doing well! Yours Truly Craig Portee

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