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July 09, 2008


Bill C

I worked at a restaurant like 8 years ago and and a few people I knew were ddicted to Heroin. Tragically Mario went away and went to rehab but relapsed and when he relapsed he did the same amount he did before he went into rehab. You can build a tolerance and his mother found him dead in his bedroom. Bayport had back then a big issue with Heroin and being an upperclass community you would never think an epedemic like Heroin would take over but it did and many people became hooked. Later on my close friend at work she became addicted and lost like 30 llbs and looked like death. She tried to kill herself and ednded up in the hospital. Luckily she is ok but it never seems to amaze me that young adults dont think they can become addicts. People say Marijuana is a gateway drug but I believe alcohol is the gateway drug but its legal. Kids will never learn and parents will never believe its their kids. Unfourunately for this family they have to bury a daughter cause of drugs. How many car accidents and overdoses do we have to endure on Long Island. It seems everyday someone is getting killed do to their own actions.

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