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July 09, 2008



(oops- i meant paragraph breaks in your other one)


Nicely done. Well said. (Next time, try paragraph breaks so it's easier to read.)

Jimmy's mom

I cringe everytime I hear about another child drowning. My son James Thomas died 10/13/99. His drowning was the result of a neighbors fish pond on their front lawn.Just decorative landscaping we thought. I remember that summer hearing about so many drownings and thinking that could never happen to me, I was a good mother and was so careful around pools. Can't you report the tragedy as just that instead of trying to question the neighbors to find out what kind of family they are? The police will launch an investigation to determine if there is any wrongdoing. Even if there isn't any the parents will punish themselves forever anyway. I appreciate the senstivity of it all and I hope you will also. My prayers to all the families that are grieving.

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