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July 22, 2008


James Bond

Lauren, if my friend Mr. Goldfinger ever offers you a golden "tan", please JUST SAY NO !

Dr. No

Miss Sivan is SO awfully enchanting, my fellow blogmates, is she not ?

Dr. Scholl

Maybe my "Callus Remover" pads would be a lot cheaper ( and safer ) for you, Lauren ? Don't you think so ?

Ernst Stavro Blofeld

Great blog, Lauren, but just make sure that those "doctor fish" aren't flesh-eating piranhas or your perfect pedicure may end up leaving you shorter by a couple of feet ! OUCH !!


Hey Lauren, i guess if i wanted to go to this guys salon, i would have no choice but to go for the 50 buck carp treatment. I mean the salon owner said he uses unsanitary razors, dang, how many people does he use one razor on before discarding it? As much as women like to wear those tight high heal shoes, the carp will have a major job. He also has hammerhead sharks to get rid of those hammer toes.
On another note, I would like to apply for an assistant position for the guy offering you a free naked tan. I would work for free and would like the position of quality control, hehe!!!!!!!

larry c j

Good blog,but people dunking there feet in water with a bunch of fish don't sound to good to me.Lauren I don't think you would want to try that, thay would be good for when you go fishing that's about all,It must have bin something when 8 people had there dirty crappy feet in the same tank .the good doctor shod just go fishing.
Lauren you take care.

Bruce Wayne

To the Batcave, Lauren !

Marlon Brando

You're WAY too sexy for your shirt, Lauren ! WAY too sexy for your hat !

Try it, you'll like it !

You're an adventurous spirit after my own heart, Lauren Sivan ! I myself actually put Hellman's mayonnaise on my hemorrhoids and Preparation H in my tuna fish salad and everybody always compliments me. ( On the tuna fish salad, of course. ) And by the way, Lauren, I got a brand new deluxe air-brush machine and I'd be happy to give you a fabulous fake tan anytime. For FREE !!!

Even Bigger Fan

Keep up the good work

Your biggest fan

You're the best!

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