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July 02, 2008



Hey Erin,,Did you read the whole post.I think you took it out of context.I also said you are a tom women thats even better looking then mariah.Never said you aren't girly..Mariah was putting on a show.Acting cute and all.

And no I don't think women that know about sports are less sexy..that makes them even more sexy to most men..

I would copy and paste the original post..But it has been removed..

Don't dwell on it erin..What you said is exactly how I feel.I guess you miss understood..

Luv ya babe



Erin, great blog about "Tom Woman". And funny too. I don't think you're a Tom Woman or a Tom Boy. Actually I think you're more of a woman than Mariah. To me, Mariah is all about appearance. You have something extra and that is a personality. So ignore what Vinny said. The fact that you can be girly and still play sports and even know Jeter's batting average for a particular year makes you even more attractive.

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