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July 11, 2008



Hey Jackie,

Great Blod about our soldiers doing a good job over seas. I hope you keep writing good blogs at News 12 LI. Jackie don't leave News 12 LI. thats a good place for you to work.


Jackie, great story!!You're right, our troops are an inspiration.. but so are YOU!! I am graduating Dowling next year with a degree in communications and would love to do the news.. What did you do to get where you are??? I heard you were on the basketball team.. Do you still play?? I totally support our troops!! Again great story!!!


It was great to see an uplifting story about our heroes. It's hard to find any positive stories about our Vets in the liberal hate America news today.. Good job Jackie... I'll go scuba diving with you anytime... You are an uplifting voice at news 12! Good Job!


Great blog Jackie!! It's good to see a reporter doing a story that isn't trying to bash what we are doing over in Afghanistan and/or Iraq. Usually when I turn on a news netowrk, all I see is anti-war propaganda that most of the liberal media trys to feed us. Nice to see something positive about our soldiers or a change. Keep up the good work and hope to read more from you.

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