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August 13, 2008



Temptation is a friend of mines, it's a friend of everyone. Why would anybody be against any law that makes life safer is beyond me. Unless they have something to hide. Where there's a gun present, the temptation to use it is also present - case in point the so-call modern police Dept. of NYC, it seems they love using their guns for just about any situations that I remember years ago they would not have.

Robert A. Riegl

I guess it's just time for Carolyn to stick her head into the air and do something. The biggest ignoramus and do-nothing, single issue "Congresswoman", the "puppet", etc. I do however agree that the backgrounds of gun store employees should have a "clean" background. After all we who have been "sanctified" in Nassau County pay an awful lot of money to be able to own and shoot a pistol. The scrutiny we come under when applying for a license is something I feel that those not covered by the Federal Firearms Licensee rules should also be carefully investigated and "cleared" for this job.

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