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August 22, 2008


tom thumbles

Elisa- the link to your blog from your bio page doesnt bring us to your most recent blog entry. Get the webmaster working on that! We want you to be a star!


Hey Elisa, Good job today with your report. I could tell you were scared to be in the water with the fish. Hope you had fun snorkeling, why didnt you try the shark dive? That would have been cool for you to reoprt from under water!
Keep up the good work!


I myself have been to Atlantis Marineworld and found this to be grossly over-priced, mildly entertaining, and a "so what" experience.

A less than stellar visit for my family and I, but hey, this is only one family's opinion...


Hey Elisa,

Very nice blog on Riverhead today. Maybe you should go back out to Riverhead to shop with someone like me. Hope you had a nice time doing your day trip. Keep up reporting & doing your traffic thing too.


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