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August 01, 2008


Kathleen Cunningham

The East End Shuttle concept, which compelled the NYS Shared Municipal Services grant that is funding the current feasibility study, could be the solution to East End transit woes.

The character of the East End is very different from that of the western portion of Suffolk County and ever more so from the urban center of NY which the MTA and LIRR were designed to serve. The coordinated rail and bus network that Five Town Rural Transit proposed, if demonstrated as economically feasible, could relieve a percentage of the vehicular traffic.

More paved roadways are a widely unpopular prospect for East End residents. Public transportation provides options for the transit dependent such as underaged drivers, the elderly and handicapped. Appropriately timed service connecting train stations with buses to outlying destinations, can relieve congestion by offering local residents a REAL option for getting to and from work, shopping and entertainment.

We'll see what the study reveals, but Five Town Rural Transit projections generally support such a transportation system.

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