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August 07, 2008



Elisa, 10 years is certainly something to celebrate, but I much more enjoy your feature reporting. Tell the boss to give you more assignments!

Laurie Mapleson Yannucci

Tired of doing puff peices?
You, at of all casters on News 12, have an impact on the motoring public ...help the DOT and do a piece on my Dad. Patrick Mapleson..


hi elisa, great blog and nice pictures,congradulations on 10 years work. I especially like the picture of you standing next to olessa,the evening traffic reporter, she is just as great as you are.don't remember some of those names you mentioned.keep up the good work. take care sandman....


hey Elisa great blog!! can't believe it's been 10 years already that the traffic and weather channel has been on. where did the time go? great pics also from the party! you look beautiful in the pics as always, and by the old pic of you even beautiful back than as well. hope to be able to read more from you soon.


Hey Elisa,

I can't belivie its 10 years for Traffic & Weather on channel 61. Didn't know alot of people got there start there. Elisa keep up the good work there. I'm so happy you got your start there just like everyone else did. Hope to hear from you soon.


Wow, you look great! I never knew so many that we see on network TV got their start at the Traffic & Weather Channel, pretty interesting...
I sure hope Vanessa lands on her feet and that we see her back soon on the air.

Nice story; thanks for sharing the stories and photo's! Hope you had fun.

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