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August 18, 2008


Lori Hofmann

Hello Norm!! My name is Lori and I am a huge fan of News 12 especially you. Unfortunately, recently my fiance got direct TV for the football package. Every night before we went to sleep we always waited for your weather report, because it always made us smile. We always love your jokes with your play on words on the weather forcast. Regardless, if the weather predictions for that day/week were positive or negative. I just want to thank you for being you, and making my fiance and I smile. I cannot wait to get Cabelvision BACK!!


Interesting story, Norm! You must have felt like Jim McKay reporting on the hostages during the '72 Olympics when that Gorbachev coup wire came down!
I was in Italy when Gloria hit in '85. The hotel desk clerk called us over and in broken English said "You from New York? BIG Hurricane -- Everybody die!"
Back then we couldn't get through on the phones. I knew *some* Italian and we were watching news reports in Italian but I was straining to understand them.
Turned out the LILCO Chairman- William Catacosinos -- was in Italy too at the time.
He decided not to cut his vacation short and stayed there, and boy did he get heat when he got back! We didn't come back early either. We finally reached my brother and he took care of the house for us.

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