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August 19, 2008



I just saw Lauren do a newsbreak on Fox at 9:30pm, Friday 10/3, during Hannity & Colmes.

She looked and did GREAT!


Congratulations Lauren on your new job I'll be looking for you on Fox network. 12 News will never be the same without you and Shirleen. Stay Beautiful


where is lauren?? does she have a fox blog? meow? meow? give me the word and i'll step up my news 12 protests. filthy cable guys!!

dr, ken steier

Lauren, I will miss you on the broadcast, and on LI talks.

I hope you will keep in touch.

Ken "doc" Steier


Come on, dear Lauren Sivan, please tell us when you're gonna be on !

John Keats

Lauren, a thing of beauty is a joy forever. You're a thing of beauty.

The Lauren Sivan Fan Club

Lauren Sivan is gonna be OK ! She's Lauren FRIGGIN' Sivan !!!

B dog

I am genuinely upset. No reason to make sure I tune to News 12 everyday to check out Lauren. LAuren, now you can show a little more cleavage on LOX that they kept you from showing off on News 12. News 12 never learned from LOX that if you have hot anchorwomen, use their assets. Post again to let us know when you will be on - show/time of day- even though it is against my moral values to watch LOX. Please not that horrible show with Greg Gutfeld. Pleaseee....or the morning show news person.

p.s. Does this mean you are marrying Rick LEventhal? Geez?!


Well that explains why she was so sarcastic & b*tchy in her last month or so. I was wondering what the hell her problem was. "last digs" on the air- how professional.

See ya. Hope the gig at Fox didn't cost you too much.


I wish you the best, Lauren.
The truth is that you are entering the heart of the propaganda machine.
I would hope that you will be able to fend off denial enough to at least acknowledge that and hold on to that acknowledgement.
But, especially over time, I would understand if you couldn't.




wow! don't think i'm stalking u when u see me outside at the morning show, that was the beginning of me as the chickenman. "MY NYPD PAY IS FOR THE BIRDS" was my sign for my first appearance outside their window one cold january morning two years ago. good luck kid, in 10,000 years no one will even remember this rooster's farewell blog to u. so sad, so, so sad...........okay, which way to trish's blog?


News 12 Long Island ratings plummet as hundred including myself no longer tune in

Lord Byron

Oh, sweet fairest Lauren Sivan - I'll turn to whatever channel you're on !


Hay [john connor] you are a JAKEASS for saying that, if you don't have something nice to say then don't say nothing you idiot.

John Connor

So Leventhal was finally able to pull enough strings for Sivan to get a gig at FOX?

Big surprise...

Let's get real people...Sivan is just an average news reader without an original thought or opinion of her own.

Watch her painful attempts at hosting LI Talks and you see the real unscripted Sivan,

Not a pretty sight.

Chuck D. from Oyster Bay

Sivan is GONE ??? Holy shaving cream ! Good gosh almighty !! PLEASE say it ain't so !!!

Eugene V. Debs

Happy Labor Day, Lauren Sivan ! You're my all-time favorite television worker in the whole world ! Break a leg at Fox News, Miss Pretty-Pretty !

Don Quixote



Hello Lauren Jimmy here from Amityville i must say i never watched news much until i saw u you are outgoing U made me watch any how was wondering if we can talk and get to know one another -JIMMY:-)[email protected]


So what does a nice Long Island newscaster have to do to get a job on a right wing quazi news propaganda oopps program? Did you have to join the NRA or some conservative Christian organization? Did you have to join the Republican party or hang a picture of Karl Rove in the back or your car? News Twelve may not be the biggest market but I do think they are fair and balanced, heck if a news program has to tell you there’re fair and balanced their probably not. I just think its better to stay honest to your craft than to make compromises for fame and fortune. I don’t know if the new channel’s politics are in line with your personal beliefs, I guess what I’m saying is a news program should just report facts without slant or spin. I am off my soap box. Best of luck in your new endeavors. Perhaps CNN will knock someday. Not that they are perfect as no station is. Patty Anne Brown seams to be doing pretty well there.

Good Luck


Good...That was the straw that broke the camels back...Why couldn't Cablevision match the offer she got at FOX...Now I am calling Cablevision tomorrow and cancelling the service and they can come and pick up the 4 boxes and pull all wires out of my house...Since there is no more reason to keep cable I'll be getting Direct TV tomorrow. I'd be real curious to know how many people truly cancel because Lauren left. I bet Cablevision loses over $80,000 in lost sales...


Gee, thanks a bunch for the sour grapes, Chrissy ! Lauren Sivan deserves all the career success that she's had ( and will continue to have for many years to come ) because she's a genuinely sweet and kind and classy lady ! We love her !


Good Luck... personally I don't feel you paid your dues, nor did you deserve the anchor spot, but you must've done something(s) right.

Rupert M. from Australia

I'm very proud to say that the sassy and EXTREMELY beautiful Lauren Sivan has joined the Fox News Channel ! YIPPEEEEE !!!

Alfred Hitchcock

Can anybody please tell me where Miss Lauren Sivan might be ? She was supposed to star in my next motion picture but she seems to have disappeared.

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