August 19, 2008



u look beautiful!


Hey there Beth + 1-
Thanks for the sweet support and waterworks on my goodbye video (blame it on the hormones, right?)
I wish you all the luck and joy in the world and hope that bun you're carrying around has half the energy you do-- it will give you a run for your money!
Stay in touch and enjoy all that wall space!!!


Thanks for the support!
It is such an exciting time..
I will def keep training for "marathon of my life"--
Hopefully all this working out will pay off!
I'm just hoping to be 1/2 as good as my mom when my little bundle of joy arrives...
I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at who is doing my maternity leave..
i can't say who.. but it rhymes with Dish...:)


Watching you on News 12 in the AM, I had no idea you were 7 mo's pregnant. You look great!I have 2 boys. My mindset when I was pregnant was- "train for the marathon of your life"-the delivery room!. I ate healthy and walked, walked and walked!
Unfortunately, many women take advantage of being pregnant and blame the "60+" baby weight on their 6 lb. infant!
Good luck to you.

mliss hoffman

hey good luck with your new baby try not to be so hard on yourself you are having a baby a right now weight doesnt matter . you are carrying a human being inside you. let me tell you. you will take the weight off. you are a person that drives themselves. i dont know about having a baby at this time in my life i havent been blessed with a child in my life. I realized today how lucky I am after going out to lunch with a co-worker and having a almost altering life accident with a traitor trailor who was going over the speed limit. I work for AHRC in Shoreham which is an agency that is helping the handicapped individuals who need extra help to meet their goals. i am so proud of the staff at Ahrc who go to work each day and take care of the participtants of this agency like they are part of their familes with respect and dignity like they derserve. you will make a great mother my mother has been gone for 7 years on august 15 2008 a day does not go by that i dont miss her but she has given me a gift that is part of her which is an open heart to love the people i am around .and also to have extra for those who need need it. may god bless you elizabeth and the news 12 staff for work and your dedication each day from mliss hoffman rocky point.


hi elizabeth,hope all is going well for you with your pregnancy, wa 7 months already time flies right to fast,soon it will be time to welcome your new addition, I am sure you and your husband can't wait for the magical moment. so elizabeth when you go on maternity leave who is going to anchor with carol.(hint could it be elisa?)she would make a great fill in anchor person and besides my vote is for her,everyone of you's brighten my day up for me every morning especilly elisa with her traffic reports.(by the way,she knows this already cause I have told it to her in her blogs.)well take care and I wish you well. If you get a chance email me back.thanks. your viewer sandman aka martin.

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