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September 09, 2008



and another race this weekend...
Cow harbor Saturday 20th..

Run ...erin.. run...


ha ha ha


It's probably unspeakably inappropriate for me to say so for a whole boatload of reasons, but I don't think we're watching the same news show. When I watch in the mornings, you look kinda...well, TOO thin.

Now, you're right in that Elizabeth seems obscenely fit for a woman about to give birth (like you, I might be exaggerating for effect, though she does do that magic trick on camera where she hides her belly behind a sheet of paper when she's standing somewhere...), but nope, she looks no thinner than you do.

(Now I just have to, y'know, hope that neither of you are sufficiently offended to find me and beat me up...)


I happen to like Elisa DiStefano--alot

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