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September 25, 2008



Very nice blog, Elisa.

Tom Thumbles

Why does that guy from Channel 2 have his hand on your face?


hey Elisa, how did the tunnel run go this past weekend? hope it was a big success and hope to see some pics from it on here soon.


Thank you for blogging about Kief.
He really was one of the nicest "kids" I ever knew! I miss him so much!
Hope to see you at the Tunnel race Sunday!


elisa,excellent blog on the heros of war and the rememberance of those heros that were lost on that day 9/11/01, I also lost someone very special to me (my brother-in-law) he worked for cantor fitzgerald .every year since that tradegy I go to the site of the towers for the memorial dedication of the reading of the names and then proceed to the site to walk the ramp down into the pit to offer my prayers of rememberance for him.He left a great family behind,for his wife, and my niece and nephew.life is just not the same without him.however I am sure that where ever he may be his is always looking upon us as though he was still there.I see you like to volunteer to remember those faithful heros that gave their life to help others.I wish I could be their with you on sunday,but due to holiday comming up I unfortunatly am tied up in knots with it.I would have like the chance to meet my favorite traffic reporter and sometimes anchor person for news 12.Let me know if you will be attending some other function maybe on long island elsewhere where we could meet. thanks for all you do at news 12 keep the blogs going. Martin aka sandman03.....


Hey Elisa,

Very nice blog on Heroes about the war & the saving in the Twin Towers that morning in Sept 11. Keep up the good reporting & traffic on News12LI. You are a very nice person to work for a local news staiton. Why did you want to come to News12LI when you worked for another companys in the news bussines?

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