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September 13, 2008



Lori attended Hauppauge Schools.


I was there too. I watch the news every morning being I have 3 kids under 20 months of age. So When you said they would be in East Meadow, what was a happy day for me my son was going to his first day of kindergarten I took a picture of the bus packed my 19 month twins girls and my 3 month old son in the car and headed off to East Meadow. (I live in Lindenhurst) I got home at 11 it gave me an hour to spare before my son came home from school so I called a few people (who weren't fans) to tell them what I was doing, Hey I wanted to be 14 again. 2 1/4 hours waiting on line (by myself) to see them was great. Donnie hugged me which kindof floored me (I'm not much of a hugger) and all that went thru my mind was I'm hugging Donnie Wahlberg and he's too thin. A picture was taken, (but you can't tell it's me or him) I really wanted a pic with Joe but didn't get that chance at least I talked to him which was a thrill of a lifetime. What a dream come true 20 years and 4 kids later I finally got to see and meet New Kids on the Block. I only saw them once in concert in November 1990 at Nassau Coll. I tried to get tickets put honestly with 4 kids and myself taking care of them (I took a leave of absence from my job) I couldn't see spending $100 for nosebleed seats. I really needed to purchase a triple stroller. My investment for their CD and seeing them is what I'll have to take with me for the rest of my life. I'm so glad to see someone as excited as I am about NKOTB, it's fun to be a kid again not having to worry about everyday life. I too have all of my NKOTB items. My bedroom was wallpapered with all of their stuff. When I got married in 2001 I had given the DJ my CD to play a NKOTB song at my reception, I had a very small wedding but my 8 friends and I got down when he played the music. Who cares what others think, these 5 guys got back together and made another CD and it's actually really good, different from back then but it is 20 years later!


Hi Elisa,

I was there too, you interviewed me. Sorry if I was a little too excited to think straight, how embarassing! I feel like a kid again! It was so much fun! I too was very appreciative of Donnie's love for hugs! I wanted to thank you for taking the picture with me, my husband was jealous hehe. It was so nice to meet you, thanks again!

Anna = )


Hey Elisa,

Very nice blog you wrote about the band you like back in the late 1980's here & the show you watched back then too. Are you looking for someone to hang out with you go to a party or movie. If you are maybe I'll take you to a movie or a party. So let me know Elisa. Elisa, I live in Smithtown just to let you know. I go out on the east end.


I feel like it's going to sound condescending when I say this, and this may be inappropriate in a public forum (and I stand aside to anybody looking to reminisce with you about boy bands), but you should really consider (for lack of a better word) "real" reporting.

I mean, it's fun to see you excited to meet a star or run a mini-fashion show for us every so often, your a great fill-in anchor, and very effective at the morning traffic, but...it seems like you're capable of much more, and I doubt I'm the only viewer who'd like to see you spread your wings and cover a meatier story than advertising concerts and clothes or (when will they learn?) yet another tractor-trailer on the parkway.

Unless you've got a ghost writer fixing your blog posts, you're as clever a writer as you are an animated speaker. Go ahead and dazzle us.

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