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September 10, 2008


Fallen Anjel

One more reason why this won't work. If you have to take more than one bus, how on earth are you going to check the internet to see if the next one is on time?

Instead of bus racks that only hold 2 bikes (for HOW MANY passengers???), or GPS tracking via the internet, for crying out loud, just give us Sunday Service!

Fallen Anjel

As a frequent rider of the buses in Suffolk, I have to say this will not be all that beneficial for a few reasons: At least 60% of the people who ride the bus in Suffolk do not have internet service. This would only work if you are literally 10 min or less from a bus stop. (We're talking Suffolk here, where one can live as much as an hour walk away from a bus). I have an 18 minute walk to the bus. I may check that the bus is on time, but 10 minutes later, it breaks down. How would I know that, when I'm walking down the road? I don't carry a computer with me (and if I did, how would I use it???) When you take a bus, every minute counts. A bus can be on time one minute, then at the next stop, will have to pick up a wheelchair and the bus is now 5 minutes behind. Buses being late, sometimes are okay. Being EARLY is a whole different story. Maybe bus companies should ask the riders what would work for THEM, as it's the riders that keep the buses going.........

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