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September 29, 2008



I think I need to be contrary, here:

Rather than blaming anything with sugar (which somehow wasn't a problem twenty or thirty years ago) or any food that had even the merest contact with fat (if your fried food is greasy, you're doing something terribly wrong), could it possibly be something else?

Remember that the obesity rate skyrocketed overnight (literally) when the USDA changed to the arbitrary Body Mass Index. When beanpole basketball players are classified as obese, something has gone off-track, and the "epidemic" might be exaggerated.

Also, can it be that kids are gaining (bad) weight because they spend half their lives either at school or doing homework? The buses in my area even pick the kids up and drop them off at their doorsteps, so they're not even walking to the corner bus stop! Add in up to ten hours a day, and sad excuses for exercise in PE class aren't going to cut it. Add in that everybody communicates by cellphone or computer, and there's no reason to leave the house, except to get to a vehicle.

Nobody cares because they're "seen and not heard," I guess.

But I guess it's easier for parents (and parent associations) to demonize sugar and fat than socialize the kids--by which I do not mean communally raising them, enforcing one set of values on everybody--and far easier to give them arbitrary rules to follow than educate them and give them real alternatives.

Of course, one might also wonder what's so wrong with the system that kids are driven to vending machines in the first place, or why the schools are allowing a big billboard, essentially, to be shoved in every kid's face. But nah. The problem must be the high fructose corn syrup.

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