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September 17, 2008



One thing I don't like about Jeter being a captain is that he says he only leads by example. Leading by example is one thing, but sometimes you need to say something to the person who is not hustling like Robinson Cano. Cano most likely knew he was not hustling but it went on too long. Someone should have spoken to him earlier.


I love the game, but if you look at it from the players point of view, they're making millions per year playing a game. Why exert themselves? Back in the 80's you had Hernandez and Carter who would get in your face if you didn't hustle. You don't see it in today's game. Everyone is afraid to hurt everyone's feelings. There is no leadership on the team. Since you are a Yankee fan, i'm sure you remember O'Neill and Tino being the leaders. Sure they didn't hit 50 homers and bat .350, but they hit in the clutch and they would get in players faces when they needed to.

You need a good leader (boss, manager) but sometimes you need those veteran leaders (co-workers, teammates) to step up and say "Hustle or else".

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