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September 02, 2008




Hope while Beth is out you become her replacement till she gets back, you are the most beautiful woman ar news 12 where there are a whole bunch of beautiful woman.

larry cj

HI Elisa
I have to say you are a beautiful Italion woman and you have such a nice friendly down to earth smile, I bet you are very nice to talk to. keep up the good work doing the traffic reporting and anchoring.


elisa, hi its so nice to see you anchoring in the morning with elizabeth,I guess you will be taking over for her when she goes on maternity leave.Push for it as much as you can,your bright smile and wisdom make me watch you even more now doing the anchoring. hope elizabeth is doing well and can't wait for the magical moment. keep up the smiles and the news...

tom thumbles

I am only excited about the pregnancies for one reason and I know you secretly feel the same way too Elisa. This means more air time for you. You are the fresh face of the future. They can take as long as they want on maternity leave. More you! More you! Suddenly your bright shining smile in that pic with your pregnant co-worker makes a whole lotta sense. Wink!


Hey Elisa,

Very best blog you do about your co-worker Elizabeth about her having a baby. Elisa you be a mother too one day in life. Very nice portrait of you that Jean did of you.

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