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September 30, 2008


L Callagy

This morning you did a segment on falling gas prices and it being the one bright aspect of our current economic situation. Are you kidding me? So it dropped below $4.00. BIG DEAL! Gas at $3.48 is hardly a bargain! With these current prices, Long Islanders still can't afford food, mortgages, etc.. the list goes on. Gas would have to fall another $2.00 for it to balance out the costs of everything else these days. It seems hardly appropriate when we are in one of the worst recessions since the depression, for you to smile at the camera and report on gas prices as a positive issue. As far as Americans are concerned, gas prices are not dropping fast enough! Who are you directing your stories to - Certainly not the majority of Long Islanders struggling these days? I think it's in bad taste and maybe you'll think twice next time.

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