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October 20, 2008



Since around 1990, when I started to see Global Warming become "a thing," this might be the most intelligent article I've seen written on the topic. Thank you for bringing this to the Long Island audience.

Personally, I've never bought into (human-created) Global Warming for these exact reasons. The evidence in support is flimsy (I recommend skimming the Kyoto Conference reports to see exactly how flimsy), the evidence against is never weighed, and anybody who disagrees with the orthodoxy is burned at the stake. Metaphorically. So far.

But you probably see my new worry: The environmentalists have started using the term "Climate Change," rather than "Global Warming," so that the show can go on, even when we're buried under three feet of snow.

As interesting data points, though, literature in the 1920s also worries about Global Warming. And in the 1960s, the reports worry about Global Cooling. That's not enough for a full pattern, but...

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