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October 28, 2008


one very hurt railworker

To the lame one, Anger usually comes from ignorance. I was not defending stealing,and I AM NOT ashamed of defending the rights of those who are entitled to what they paid for(insurance).aren't you entitled to your social security if you can't physically perform your work. I was trying to say after all is done the taxpayers should ask, was it worth the expense(taxpayer money). By the way the rail "workers" pay a much higher rate then those on social security. But if we let the railroad run like a business,and fall under social security act we would probably be bankrupt as that system is. And wake up, don't you see what business did to our economy with out federal regulations. YOU complain about service now,then you would probably be ok with being like the subways of the city.If you have complaints, then that is with management not the ground level employees. Also I am living hopefully in a country that defends my innocents until it proves guilt. Have you already created your verdict before your facts, no one else has!


To ONE VERY HURT LI worker: You make NO sense. You proved absolutely nothing. You should be ashamed of defending people who steal from others. You may actually be disabled but all you said was that your job was hard. You never said what was wrong with you. You seem to make the case that your job was sooo hard you deserve money from hardworking tax payers. My job is also hard, as are many other peoples, why don't you give us your money? I take the LIRR everyday. The conductors are rude, the fares are ridiculous and the trains are often late. I propose we stop subsidizing the railroad and have it be run like a real business. Get over yourself and your sense of entitlement.


I am a 30+ yr diabled retiree. I held the position of Road Car Inspector for the railroad so I speak from experienc. By the way I also held the position as President of our union in the mid 80's when the railroad wasn't getting awards for safety in fact they were the worst in the nation from the day I was hired in the early 70's. First off lets get the facts clear and balanced. the $250 or 31 million dollars a yr was and will be paid because of the railroads contractional obligation to past and present employees. Also it was first noted that 97% of all workers now it's 90% and 97% of those receive benefits. another point I would like to make is that the LI railrod is one of the only rails that have negotiated a 25/50 pension allowing more applicants to the disability benefit. that will slow down because they have pushed the age to 55. And also unlike social security RRRT pays benefits if all requirements are met at age 60. I could go on and on because I am outraged that no one read the act created in 1933 where even the federal gov knew the hardship and physical demand and wanted younger more productive employees and afforded most of us some means to keep up financially. They knew that not many could keep up with the demands of this industry after a certain age. I guess that no one is telling those of us that are hurting this is a media or political campaign to find a few that slip thru the system for their own popularity. How incensitive and self serving. I hope at this time when we have enough fears and anger over this economy we could trust the public servants more, but I doubt it. Oh yea I don't beleive anyone created a crime I beleive they used a system they created along with the Federal Government to there advantage. FROM ONE VERY HURT LI Rail worker

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