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October 21, 2008



Gas at America's Petroleum now down to 2.69!! cash only though. whoo-hooo!!


Wait a minute. I'm as annoyed at high fuel costs as anybody, but if gas was near five dollars and now it's less than three, that's about a 40% decrease in price. That's not too far off from your expected 52%, especially when you take into account non-proportional costs like rising rents, utilities, taxes, and salaries.

I mean, I've grown to hate the oil companies and the speculators "Enronizing" our fuel for us, but I think they're doing better by us right now than, say, LIPA.

John from West Islip, New York

Gas Stations in West Islip, particularly from Union Blvd, and Higbie lane, and west of the train tracks on Higbie are in a price war. I have seen it @ $2.93 per gallon, and it seems it drops the day after I fill up. Eileen, big fan of yours for news12 and 1010 wins! See you around the 'hood! All the best.


$2.79 in Lindenhurst!! Thanks Eileen, I'm on my way. I work in Amityville, so I'm totally stopping by. What's the highest you saw? Just curious.

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