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October 24, 2008



i too have found heatingoil4less.com what a great company. i can see the price i want to pay and in 2 minutes i have my oil on the way. i have saved hundreds of dollars since last april. try it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Even if you take the penalty for breaking your contract you are sticking the oil company with the difference. If you sign the contract you should honor it. Not every oil company is a monster with the resources to cover the losses of these contracts.

Nobody wants to get higher prices but it is a gamble and the contracts should be honored. Your article, while seeming like a good way to save money, is an affront to small oil companies on the island and potentially a serious blow to these companies. It's akin to encouraging people to renege on their bets.


I too was feeling the high price of oil. I found a website advertised by news 12. It was www.heatingoil4less.com. I was amazed at the difference in the price of oil. I used to call multiple places. Now I just log on, put in my zip and there are 6 competitive prices. It saves me not only money but time. I feel that everyone who has oil needs to check out this website. They also offer companies that will give you service contracts for your burner.


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