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November 12, 2008



They say no good deed goes unpunished. A woman scambles to save two horse's lives, and look at what she gets for her effot. I can't begin to imagine the scrambling she had to have done to arrange transporation for them from CT to LI on such short notice. Then while she's out, probably trying to find better arragements, guess who comes knocking at her door?

Perhaps Frank Biondi and the other neighbors would have done better to talk to this woman first before getting the town of Brookhaven, News 12, and the SPCA involved. Shame on you Frank!

Fallen Anjel

I'm glad the horses found a good place to live and I'm glad this woman rescued them. However; I have a problem w/ the following statement:
"He said horses live in the wild, so most can stay outside on Long Island without any problems, even in the winter."
These horses are NOT wild, so how could they be expected to be out in the weather? They are--for lack of a better word--domesticated.
Either way, I'm glad they are safe now.


The horses of course were not getting the exercise they needed, they also were neglected for a year before the current owner acquired them. She took them because they needed human care, which they were not getting. She found a place to board them, where she can go and continue to give them the human companionship the two horses need. The woman who now owns them knew full well it was a bad situation, but the situation they came from was worse. They were also here less than a week, with the owner scrambling to find other arrangements. Also, they are not huge, they are actually small for quarter horses.


The Horses are no longer on the property, but have been moved to stables where the owner can properly exercise and care for them.

The horses are a gelding and mare, both 4 years old, in good health aside from the lack of exercise and care in their former owners facilities in CT.

The current owner was offered them, and wanted time to figure out the requirements for Suffok county and Brookhaven, but on a recent visit was told they would be given up for auction or slaughter if she did not take them. This led to the two horses winding up in selden, where the owner believed there was enough land, and was making arrangements to clean up the property.
With the town notifying her that there was not enough space, she began to look for someone willing to help her find a new home for the horses, which she achieved tonight.


Holli did a great story and had some very interesting and valid comments about the horses. I sure hope they will be taken care of properly. They're obviously not getting the exercise they deserve.

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