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November 19, 2008


mike p

all i can say is globalllllllllll


I always feel like this is where dieters go "off the rails," by the way. Instead of trying to find acceptable foods and making them taste really good, they try to "simulate" their normal diet with bean curd.

There are ways to make tofu an acceptable dinner. There might even be a way to make it acceptable holiday fare. But pretending it's turkey? Well, there's an old joke that you don't teach a pig to sing because the results are never good and it annoys the pig.

That said, I have to say that I usually buy organic foods these days, not because of the impact on the environment or even my health, but because they're usually fresher and taste much better. We're a long way from those sad little anemic carrots that used to populate the organic aisles, thankfully.

Which reminds me that I really need to order that turkey today...

Uncle Jay's T

I agree with you that Whole Foods has some interesting and tssteful foods. Thanksgiving dinners are always so good. However, I do draw the line when it comes to a "Tofurky." You can let us know if you like it. It is doubtful if I will ever try it.

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