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November 21, 2008



Wow Jackie..way to make every girl jealous that you can eat all the bacon and cheese you want -- and still look great. I won't hate you that much, because you seem like a down to earth girl! I saw your Walmart tragedy story on CNN - It's crazy how people can be...my heart goes out to the employee's family. Hope you have a great holiday season


hey Jackie, hope you had a great Thanksgiving!! Hope you did what you said to do and ate lots of great food!!!!!

Mack Downalds

I had a turkey named Roger, I loved him.. He was my only friend.. That is why I was so upset when my mom fed him to me for easter last year. I didn't know.. :(. Now I'm a vegitarian!! Jackie I love your neck!!! come snuggle with me ... lets neck!!! lets get wackey me and you jackie!!! PS.. I love your cats...


Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


I'm at work now a me and my co-workers couldn't agree with you more! Especially with these hard times everyone is facing now is the time to just enjoy yourself and your family...And all that wonderful FOOD!! And yes for the record BACON makes everything better!! I'll run an extra mile at the gym next week to shed that extra holiday pound. That being said, now that we know you are a bacon and cheese kinda girl (which confirms that you are the perfect woman), we all want to now how you keep in such good shape? Look forward to the next blog..Happy Hoidays to you and your family!


Also for those watching their health, they have turkeys that do not have any additives or hormones. Nature's Promise is one that states this on their package. They do the same with their chicken. Now i've had that and other chicken that does not say anything about hormones or additives and I can't taste the difference. Have a Happy Thanksgiving y'all.


"But give me extra bacon - load on the cheese and I'll be a happy woman."

That, and you're a cat person. Sigh...marry me?

No, wait. The peanut butter thing is a deal-breaker. We're breaking up. Can someone get me another intrepid reporter/blogger!?

OK, seriously, while I do get that lots of people are on a health kick, it really doesn't need to be an every-single-day thing. I wish more people realized that. A couple of square inches of cooked turkey skin will NOT cause you to be mistaken for the Goodyear blimp.

Heh...Though it's fair game to claim it will make someone else fat, if it gets you the last slice of apple pie. All's fair in love and pie, after all.


Hey Jackie,

Nice blog you did about eatting on the hoildays. Keep up the good work at News12LI. You are a good reporter out in the field & try to stay warm now when your out in the field.

larry cj

Great blog I try to keep my self in shape but when the holidays come around in an Italian family there is alot of eating going on ,the food is great ,and like you I stuff my face on the holidays, well I really stuff my face all the time but I don't get fat.I agree with what you said in the blog,and a little glass of wine sometimes is fine and extra crispy turkey skin,, jackie your a woman after my heart. I hope you got my e-mail have a very happy thanksgiving.you take care


I have to agree with you Jackie, Thanksgiving is the one day of the year that you should just stuff your face. I'll admit, i'm not oo big on the holidays. the only one I'm really into is New Year's. I mean, the holiday only come once a year so i say indulge. BTW, what are you saying about watching your waistline. To me it seems you have no problems in that department :) hope to read more from you and hopfully hear from you sometime. Have a great holiday season!!!!

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