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November 11, 2008


Wayne DiMarzo

Check Dr. Grovemans latest contract at connetquot . 210,000 a year and 545 dollars a month for auto expense. Didnt hear him say he was cutting any of that. Always the little guy gets cut. Maybe news 12 should peruse local school district administrators contracts and see who can afford to be reduced or cut.


We could save almost one percent of that goal by not paying the people who spent us into this mess. I mean, when Patterson says he'll "feel it in his stomach," he doesn't mean the starvation or hypothermia that some others will. Not at nearly two hundred thousand dollars a year, he won't. Likewise, the eighty thousand dollar a year legislators.


Hey, add in the Comptroller, Attorney General, Judiciary, and LIPA, and that's another few percent. Is Kevin Law really worth the money, given our electric bills? Obviously, Albany thinks he's more important than school aid.

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