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November 24, 2008



Goodness, no!

I'm not much of a Beatles fan, but I recognize that their work is extremely well-structured and subtle. Decades later, there are still people analyzing their work, down to wondering what notes were actually played (Jason Brown recently finished his work on "Hard Day's Night").

Miley Cyrus? Not so much. Billy Joel, maybe, with all his neoclassical influences, but even that's a stretch.

Meanwhile, I'm tempted to wonder if the Beatles really were more popular than Jesus at that time in history. Declining church attendance and an upswing in people finding it an imposition versus screaming teenagers getting jobs to pay for tickets?

They weren't better-known, more influential, or anything like that, but he might have been right about popularity.

Now, what's the deal with the Vatican always waiting until people are long dead before apologizing...?

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