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December 17, 2008



why doesnt anyone check the not for profits where administrators make big salaries and caseworkers go for years w/o raises and sometimes w/o cost of living adjustments. the school and holiday help is gotten from business and individual donations not one penny from thier budgets which is recieved from grant money from the state and local government. no one wants to look into thier unorthodox way of business. the government should be more careful who they give funds to. Not for Profit is just another big business hiding as do gooders but they are more corupt than most private entities. no one wants to look though at this secret issue


Hang on, now. Let's remember the problem and its cause. The problem is that New York State's government doesn't have enough money. Partly, this is because they spend too much. Partly, this is because their usual cash cow, the financial companies, are all facing fiscal problems of their own making.

Patterson's solution is to make it harder to do business and live in New York State, or even just to get an education.

In other words, we make do with less to pay for their sins. We will be privileged to go bankrupt so that the governor can keep his six-figure salary and midtown Manhattan office and housing. The kids can go without intramural sports, microscopes, and college so that LIPA and the MTA can continue to raise our rates. We can pay more to visit the parks so that the DOT can avoid fixing potholes. And hey, we can pay more for gas and soda, just because Patterson thinks we're all fat and should diet and exercise...and wants more of our money.

He's right that this'll solve long-term problems. We'll all be moving out of the state and taking our business with us. No residents, no problems.

And nobody in the media is calling him on this idiotic scheme! You're just dispassionately explaining it as if we should be proud of him for picking our pockets instead of doing something productive!

Shouldn't someone, y'know, confront him and question him as to the rationale behind his dogma of "you must make do with less that I may have more"?

Isn't he supposed to be working for us, rather than the other way around? Wouldn't it be smarter to ENcourage businesses to start in and come to New York? Maybe encourage people to buy local products? Maybe supply local products?

Or is this just the new American way? The Federal government has committed eight trillion dollars of our money (about sixty thousand bucks per household, if you do the division), so now the State wants its turn in bleeding us dry? Are the counties and towns far behind? I think there are still a few pennies behind the sofa for neighborhood watch...

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