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December 04, 2008


Sam Walton

Forget all the finger pointing and multiple lawsuits which will do nothing but clog the court sysyem. There is only ONE guilty party -

Wal-Mart is absolutely to blame. They allowed a massive crowd to assemble that was clearly beyond the capacity of the doors to handle, and they created the circumstances that led to a riot-like environment (I predict the "blitz line starts here" sign hanging on the store wall will be used as evidence against them). They deliberately fueled a mob scene with predictable results, and they deserve to be punished for it. As do all stores that foster this type of environment. If you want to create a seething frenzy built around huge discounts on a very limited number of goods, you need to be prepared to handle the crowds that come out in response to it. If you're not prepared, you're responsible.

Anyone who blames the shoppers has never been trapped in a throng. There is NO WAY that any individual can stop when a crowd of hundreds is driving forward behind you. At that point, it's purely a matter of uncontrollable forces, not morality. That is why people get trampled at concerts, soccer games, and other mass events. As horrified as you may be, as much as you wish you could stop, you MUST keep moving.

WalMart should have controlled the crowd better, the worker should have protected himself better (ideally by refusing to put himself in such a situation), and the mob....well the mob is gone, replaced by hundreds of fat, SUV driving, soccer moms who would never hurt a fly.

Do you really think that a "Pardon me, but would you stop a moment? This gentleman seems to have fallen," would have stopped the whole crowd?

If you do, then you're an idiot

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