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December 03, 2008



Hey Elisa.When is Elizabeth coming back ? trish is cool and looks great but she has the personality of a rock..


Oops. I forgot to also direct you to Helen Slater (obvious website). She wasn't quite a "child star," but she's another Long Islander, has been a stunning actress, and has two really nice albums as songwriter and singer. Unlike the pop stuff, it's also almost all in one take and no computer manipulation. How often do you hear the singer's actual voice, these days!?


Drat! I haven't watched the parade in years, and I miss the original Sesame Street group? I really need to get myself some better sources on such things.

Heh. Did the parade, like the DVD set, also have a disclaimer that they may not be suitable for modern children...?

As to your question, might Britney's problems have stemmed from the fact that she's...uhm...not very talented and now she's a grown woman with a child star image?

I'm sure I'm exaggerating a little (I only know what I read in the tabloid headlines at the grocery store) and her family and friends clearly helped drop the ball, too. But maybe people are expecting a bit too much from her. She's not particularly pretty (though she does look better as she matures), her voice is clearly heavily computer processed, and her dancing isn't exactly elegant or energetic.

She was a kid with a manufactured image who'd now rather be at a bar gossiping with her friends, most likely.

On a happier note, and by contrast, I'm pretty sure that I met Diane Gibson a few years back. Nice woman with a good head on her shoulders, if she's the person I'm thinking of. It's easy to see why Debbie managed to neither have a meltdown nor vanish into obscurity. Well, that and her talent, even if her music isn't to my tastes.


Hey Elisa,

Good Blog, you out did yourself again. I'm sorry you had to work on Thanksgiving, but you making some money for the hoilday season coming up.

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