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December 31, 2008



Kinda like a spackle bucket...

Danger: Risk of drowning - children can fall into this and drown. Or on a coffee cup: "Caution - contents are hot".

You think?


Bill, you've got to figure that if there's a warning in there not to put the battery in the microwave, it's there because some idiot did just that and blew up the kitchen. Following that event, some lawyer sued the manufacturers and cleaned up because the manual didn't say "Don't microwave the battery." Even as we speak, some moron somewhere is doing something remarkably stupid that will result in the list being lengthend.


Consider it an added Christmas gift. I'm personally fond of trying to guess the situation where the warning would be a good idea. For example, if the battery (contrary to that other rule, tsk-tsk) got wet and froze overnight, someone not particularly bright might think about heating it up or whacking it with a mallet. Actually, there are a lot of situations where whacking gadgets with a hammer seems like a really good idea...satisfying, if not prone to helping.

And to be fair to the lawyers, when you got your pilot's license, you probably spent a few weeks or months learning an entire shopping list of warnings, right? This list is probably shorter, when you think about it that way.

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