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December 03, 2008


Wellington Mara (from the grave)

He's carrying around an unlicensed loaded weapon (strike one). He clearly has no idea whatsoever about how a gun works, nor does he have even the slightest inkling about how to safely possess one (strike two). The idiot accidentally discharges the gun (strike three). In public (strike four).

Thus, he should get jail time, and he should be on his knees every night thanking whoever that he didn't accidentally kill someone.

Unfortunately, the outcome will be that he cuts a deal.... He pleads guilty to some misdemeanors (or lesser felony), he serves very little time (see Paris Hilton) if any. He'll get fined, ordered to community service, suspended sentence, etc....

Plax is anything but mature. He should serve if found guilty. All the football kids in college out there would play in the pros for free if they could, and this jackass gets millions and wastes it.

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