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December 26, 2008



Robin wrote

"She's VERY short and stocky. Losing 5 pounds is a good idea and would help quite a bit."

Sounds like Robin is jealous.

Robin Goroski

Scott wrote: "...I have to say, as a viewer, you look in fantastic shape!..."

I have to disagree.

She's VERY short and stocky. Losing 5 pounds is a good idea and would help quite a bit.


I have to admit that I've never been fond of the "Secret Santa" concept. It seems like it takes something that should be fun (buying gifts for loved ones) and turns it into a strict obligation (buying a gift for a specific person, hopefully a loved one). I guess it helps keep people from getting carried away, at least.

As for the resolutions:

Don't become another twig-thin television personality. They're creepy to look at, and always seem to feel the need to cover fitness segments, where it looks like they might snap.

Long Island has places just as worthy of exploration. Moreso, maybe, since so few people think to look in their own back yards.

Regarding French, it's not too hard to learn. You actually "know" a lot of the language already, because English is basically a mix of German and French. It's probably easier than Spanish with its optional pronouns, reflexive particles, and so forth.

As a quick grammar guide, imagine English, except the adjectives usually show up after the noun and modifiers (like negation) surround the verb with two pieces. And where we have an "it's" idiom ("it's raining"), they have "it makes" ("il fait").

After that, it's a matter of why you're learning. If you're to read, that and a good dictionary should get you a good distance. If you're planning to write, you'll need to learn verb conjugation (stick with the "helper" verbs--no need to start with the future tense when "I'm going to leave" is close enough). If you want to talk, you'll need both and a native speaker for practice.


'Never got the personal trainer. So nope, never "got in shape".'

I have to say, as a viewer, you look in fantastic shape! Nice traditions you all have. Hope you all continue and pass them down.


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you too Elisa! I'm in the same boat as you when it comes to my resolution for this past year and didnt achieve mine as well. hopfully we can both achieve our resolutions this time around. Btw, getting into shape? you don't have anything to worry about!!!!


Hey Elisa,

We are the same way for Christmas here in my family. We have 4 adults living together. Nothing changed here for Christmas been doing it from the time I was a little kid. Late Marry Christmas & a Happy New Years to you Elisa & to your family. Hope to hear from you soon.

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