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December 03, 2008



well, what are you waiting for?? let's see it!!!!


You guys are funny! I really do want to tell... I have a funny picture too!


that is true!


She is dying to tell us Pat. :)

Or else she wouldn't have said anything. :P


c'mon, you know you wanna tell us!!!! :)~


Oh now you're just teasing us. :)


I'll never tell... :)


Pat, yes we do.

Jackie, what were the don'ts that you did? LOL :)


do we even wanna know what those "DON'TS" were?!! ;)


Thanks for the positive feedback! It means a lot! Hope everyone had fun at their holiday parties! But I have to come clean and say that I broke a couple of my own office party DON'TS this year...

kelly H

jackie your anchoring is awesome Keep up the great work You're a natural.You make NPT proud!



Great ideas on the do's and don'ts. You look very pretty and Erin's hair looks just fine. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Franky Freeport

Hey Jackie I saw you Anchoring on Sunday. Great Job! Is that your new gig at news 12? If that's the case congrats!! Well deserved.. Your personality and beautiful smile light up the T.V. set... I look forward to seeing you again and reading your next blog!! -Oh and do you really snow board?!?!? That would be Totally Awesome!!!


I have to say...you look REALLY cute in the pictures. Very nice.


Aw, that's seriously unfair. If nobody sacrifices himself or herself at the party, the rest of us don't have anything to talk about for the rest of the year!

And Erin's hair looks fine, except for where it appears to be...eating her coworker?

Great. Now I'm going to have nightmares. Thanks, News 12!


DO make sure your hair is combed before pictures are taken that will last until next year, showing up in blogs like these.

Love the blog.
Hate my hair.


Mr. Mustang

Dear Jackie,

I once had a job that didn't pay good and I knew I was quitting the next week so I took some weed to the office party and invited the Manager and the CEO out to my Van for a smoke...The next Monday when I went to work I thought they would fire me but the two of them called me in the office...I thought it was to fire me but they ended up promoting me and giving me a 20K a year raise.....They must have thought I would make a good asset to that company...


Good advise Jackie.. Especially the drinking park. I'm still living that one down from office party past.. Beware of the temptations of the OPEN BAR at your office party.. By the way you look amazing in that dress!! Wanna come to my office party next week?!?! Hey a guy can dream... Well Hope your holiday party is a blast!! Have a safe and happy holiday season.. And to everyone in the blogosphere be smart, be safe, don't drink and drive...

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