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December 24, 2008



What happened to the "no, just kidding" story a week or two ago? Didn't the MTA decide to pass on Doomsday over Thanksgiving? Thirty percent increases became "only" eight percent or something.

So now we're back. Across most of the Island, it costs about thirty cents per mile to get into the City by LIRR. This is far more expensive, slower, and inconvenient than taking a car. So, with everybody having money problems, they want to RAISE the fares?

Except, wait, they want to make it harder to drive, too. Perhaps it'd be easier for them if they went from door to door demanding money personally.

And as I point out as often as possible, the "leadership" of the MTA makes six-figure salaries as state employees. Seems to me that firing them all would help both the MTA and State budgets out. Or maybe if they didn't run the trains using electricity from LIPA.

Nah. It's easier to cut bus service. That only really hurts the poor, and who cares about them, right?

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