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December 08, 2008



Hm. Let me get this straight.

Behind the first curtain, I have the luxury of buying my own personal bags. I walk to my local supermarket, so this means I need to know what food I'm buying ahead of time (I can't just throw a bunch of sacks in my trunk) and wander the streets with said bags.

Not only do I get to look like a crazy person (or burglar in training, after dark), since I'm bringing the bags, I doubt the clerk will pack them for me. So, for the same price (or more), the market does less for me while I'm inconvenienced.

Behind the second curtain, I can continue with the "evil" bags and fill the county coffers. And with this new revenue stream, they'll...what, exactly? I don't remember the world changing when we started paying deposits on soda bottles.

Not to mention that, in both cases, people living near the poverty line (not me, thankfully) are going to need to cut back on food to budget for bags.

Maybe next year, we can bring our own boxes when we buy appliances or face hefty fines!

The problem isn't whether we're paying for the bags or the convenience; it's WHO we're paying. I don't mind paying the semi-hidden cost to a company that's providing a valuable service. I do, however, object to paying yet another tax to a county government that wants to legislate my lifestyle choices.

If Suffolk really wanted to help, they'd find biodegradable replacement bags (they exist, after all) and mandate their use in place of the plastic.

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