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December 15, 2008


Rahsheen Slaughter


I'm new to your blog, but I look forward to future posts. I was shock to see you have some readers who aren't fans. I really wasn't shocked, because not everyone is going to love every topic you report on. As a Wellness coach and believer in all modalities of health and wellness I know yoga can make child birth easier on the mother and I thank you for spreading the word.

All the Best
Rahsheen Slaughter
Breakthroughs To Fitness

Carol Noran

I turned on the TV and saw a bunch of pregnant whales trying to move their obese bodies.

Then I realized it was your "commercial" for a yoga center catering to fat first-time preggos.

You should be ashamed on three counts.

1. I watch News 12 for local news - not infomercials.

2. A room full of waddling, self-absorbed pregnant women is not newsworthy nor appealing to watch. If you want to air it - how about at 2AM, when most of us are asleep? Having a baby? Trust me it's been done before.

3. Promoting hocus pocus, holistic drivel benefits only the shallow and elitist on Long Island. How many mothers from Wyandanch and Roosevelt attend these sessions? Any idea why?

How about some real journalism instead of fluff pieces? Here's a suggestion - Do some investigative reporting on chiropractors, vitamin companies or drug company prices.

(Let's see if you (or your bosses) have the courage to keep this posting on your blog)

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