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December 15, 2008



Happy New Year Jackie!


nice pics!


thanks, you too!!!


Have a Happy and Safe Holiday Everyone!!!


Jackie, your tree looks great. Love the Mitsy and KitKat ornaments too. Even the cheaper trees can look really good. And you look lovely as always. Maybe you should do a blog on the homes on Long Island that decorate for a charity. Glad you enjoyed the tree in Rockefeller Center.


The LED lights on Rockefeller Center's tree are energy efficient.. so they may not sparkle as much, but at least they are conserving energy. Anways, it looks like you had a great time in the city Jackie. Did you see Macy's window display? That's always a treat as well... Happy Holidays!


hey Jackie, great to hear you had a great time in Rockefeller Center seeing the tree. I'd really like to get there myself sometime. I never saw it, or have been in the city around the holidays. Your tree also looks great as well. Like how even your cats have ornaments on there. but too bad they keep knocking it over. Hope you and your family have a great holiday season and hope to read more from you in the new year!!

RexCop Tree is better

The LED Lights are horrible.

Compare your own photos from 2006 with '07 and '08 or those from Newsdays site and you'll see such a difference.


I agree. Nothing will get you into the Holiday Spirit more then a trip to NYC during the Holiday Season.. And its even more beautiful when you're there I'm sure! Your tree looks great.. And what a bargain!! A quick tip with the Cats.. They get excited too when they see the Tree going up...Just like us.. They know its that time of the year.. To keep them from being to playful and ripping it down I mix some water and lemon juice, put it into a spray bottle and spray the Tree branches & ornaments about once a week.. the sour taste keeps them off the tree and sleeping tightly underneath.. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!!


I gave up on trees the first year I got my cat. It wasn't worth competing with him and trying to engineer solutions (I thought that the pulley system had promise) to either keep the tree upright or keep him away from the thing.

These days, I have a wire-work "tree" that holds about twenty candles, also purchased on sale, I'm sure. There isn't much of a pine scent, but it goes on a table, away from the cat, doesn't require any time to decorate, and is sufficiently festive to pass when company's coming.


Hey Jackie,

Very nice pictures of you in NYC for the Christmas Tree. A very nice picture of your own Christmas Tree in the blog. You have a good Christmas & have a Happy New Years. Hope you had fun in NYC when you went in on the weekend to see the tree.

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