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December 16, 2008


Jim Langenfeld

Wow it just seems to get worse by the day. As a small buisness owner from Levittown I think the current taxes are almost to much for people to bear now lets pay more. Some of the car dealers I did buisness with are gone with more to come. I see many lifelong residents of this area getting fed up and looking to move out of state.
When you take money from education what will happen when the local school districts have to increase their budgets and many will fail because residents have no more money. Believe me the small buisness in your town has none either.
How is it we can cast millions of votes over the phone for American Idol why cant we all vote for the things that matter most the same way.


Words fail me. At least, words I'm comfortable using in a public forum.

I wasn't offended before at the Saturday Night Live skit, but I think I am now: They made Patterson look far too intelligent. This plan is going to force people to live and do business elsewhere, which is only going to reduce tax revenue further.

And what about the infrastructure? How is he going to track Internet music purchases? Who's going to train barbers to manage income tax? Or is there a surveillance package to go along with this?

And for all this extra money we'll be paying the state, we're getting...what, exactly? A sticker that says "our budget is balanced"?

Oh, and hey, how much is Patterson tightening his own belt? I don't see any word of, say, him taking a smaller salary. Or LIPA's Kevin Law. Or the head of the MTA. Those are all state agencies, aren't they? Why not cut over where the problems started?

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