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December 03, 2008



It's a shame that all the towns and counties and other randomly-drawn districts can't agree to all hold their elections at the same time. It could be a special day, when all the elections are held at central locations. They could mail out postcards or something.

I seem to remember my mother telling me about some old-timey system where there was a "Day of Elections." Maybe it was in November...

Actually, I am quite surprised (and I'm not exactly a naive kid, I might add) to find out that elections are hidden around the calendar. It seems pretty shady to run any (non-emergency) election at any time other than Election Day, and I'm only slightly less surprised that the affected parties haven't started pricing out tar and feathers knowing this.

Makes me wonder what I'm missing in my own backyard, too.


Christine,after my town of east meadow built a brand new fire house a few years back evn though we already had 4 firehouses,I started going to the meeting every moonth and was outraged when I tried to ask a question and comm. Welt informed me they were not opening the floor to the public. When I objected to the notion I couldn't question a proposal concerning my tax dollars comm. welt informed me by law they do not have to open the floor to the public. I found this impossible to believe so I looked up the law on open public meetings and sure enough I was not permitted to ask questions if the commissioners chose not to open the floor to the public. The law does suggest in the interest in public trust that fire districts do open the floor but they do not mandate it. I sit there month after month and watch the same 5 commissioners propose and pass every ridiculous expense never does any commissioner oppose any proposal, its 5-0 everytime, yet I am not allowed to ask a question. It's a joke and I am sick of it. I hope every tax payer of every fire district goes out and votes next Tues. and not vote for anyone up for re-election. It's the old boys club and its that simple.

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