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December 23, 2008



When one attempts humor, it's hoped that the audience will laugh or at least smile. Regardless, one never goes back to explain the joke. Many of my Point of View pieces are serious. The one about choosing one's casket with one's favorite team logo on it, shows in a light humorous way how serious some fans can be about the teams they root for. Rooting is a big part of sports. As a sportscaster I try to be impartial, but depend on the roar of the crowd, spurred on by rooting, to add to the drama of the broadcast.
I don't begrudge star players from getting out-of-sight contracts--only a few are at that super-salary level. I am concerned though, that the high schools where most developed their talent are now fighting to keep their sports programs alive. Schools will be playing fewer games, traveling fewer miles and fewer players will receive opportunities for athletic scholarships.
I'd like to see every millionaire player, every season he is in the big leagues, voluntarily give one percent of his rich contract back to the athlectic department of his or her school. The agent could incorporate this into the player's contract. I have made this suggestion on both TV and radio.
Thanks for reading our blogs and watching News 12.
Bob Wolff

dan pollan

the yankees have asked for another bond of some 200 million dollars to help pay for the new stadium. 2 weeks later they sign 2 ball players for almost twice that amount, and you talk about caskets?
we should have let the yankees leave town and go to jersey. it would have saved the taxpayers millions of dollars.
but you feel it's more important to write about fans getting buried with a team logo on it.
where is the outrage?

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