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January 30, 2009



Ah. Thanks for the information, Steve. That makes much more sense, and yes, one would think that when the governments are asking for more of our money, they wouldn't be giving pensions to criminals.

Cough--Convicted criminals, I mean...

Steve Mc.

The bribery started in 1996 and continued in one form or another until 2006. We should all feel outraged by the fact that He is allowed to keep his pension and benefits by retiring before pleading guilty to the charges. It makes me boil that public figures can misuse their official positions for their personal gain and still be entitled to health benefits and a monthly pension check for the rest of his life. That's the real crime.


Not to hide the severity of yet another government official violating the public trust, but aren't there bigger fish to fry than a couple of skewed golf contracts from over a decade ago? Wasn't everybody pretty happy with the work and the cost?

And isn't the statute of limitations for bribery only five years? How could he be convicted at all?

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