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January 12, 2009



It seems odd, to me, that people are willing to gripe at Mary Mucci for what we might call "commercial reporting," when the "Go Green," "Future Files," and "Download" segments are exactly the same concept. When you only have a minute or two, I assume that all you can fit is an introduction to the product.

Was it the president of NBC who quipped that any story that doesn't get you a death threat is no more than a press release...?

Cindy M.

Mary, I have noticed in many of your blogs that you often promote/recommend a certain doctor, "natural" cure, or procedure. In my opinion that is a very irresponsible thing to do, especially as others have pointed out, without telling the associated risks. I also hope that all your "recommendations" are unbiased.


Thank you, Carol Noran for pointing out the dangers of belly dancing. it is a shame that Mary did not think to do the same.

Carol Noran

As with all exercises there ARE associated risks which you also should be addressing in your cursory essay.

Belly dancing, if taught or practiced incorrectly does hold the potential for certain types of injuries. Many of the isolations involve moving body parts in unfamiliar ways and trying to maximize ranges of motion in the spine, pelvis and hips. Progress should always be gradual and emphasize correct technique so that muscle strength is developed in tandem with flexibility to avoid creating weakness and instability in the joints.

There are also twisting motions of the hips can cause some torque in the knees which may aggravate new or old injuries. Some people even experience pain in the hip joints due to muscle tightness, imbalance, or simply pushing the movements too hard.

While there certainly are benefits to any cardio type exercise, belly dancing, like any other workout, should be first done in small increments. It is NOT the miracle cure for stretch marks, a sagging bosom or a pear shaped belly and hip area.

Writing about the benefits of belly dancing is fine, but AGAIN do not forget to inform your readers about the associated risks as well.

It is the right thing to do.

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