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January 05, 2009


Carol Noran

Mary -

Again, as in previous blogs, you fail to tell the entire story.

There are some important considerations to be aware of if you are going to embark on the South Beach Diet (or the Atkins Plan)

The South Beach diet is not recommended for people suffering from or at risk of kidney problems. The diet's high protein content can place increased strain on the kidneys, possibly causing long-term damage as well as kidney stones and bone loss. Additionally, the possibility of ketosis-induced dehydration during Phase one can increase the risk of further kidney impairment.

If you are going to mention the South Beach diet as a plan for losing weight and/or controlling carbs during the induction phase, much of the lost weight in the first two weeks is water weight. Losing this much water can throw your electrolyte balance off. So if you're following the diet, it's a good idea to work closely with a registered dietician or your doctor.

PLEASE, if you are going to write about the benefits of a diet or eating plan, you must tell both the benefits and risks.

Otherwise, your blog borders on being totally irresponsible.

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