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January 25, 2009


Rachel Kilganon

I just read Tom Ashton's book "The Determination Diet" and it is a great book for all who have high cholesterol, or if you are over weight and NOT just if you are a Type 2 Diabetic. I found it on Tom Ashton's website thedeterminationdiet.com
It has changed my life forever.

Rick Stevens

I applaud Mr.Ashton for his story. He had a cholesterol level of 900 and brought it down as well as losing 30 lbs. He should be hired by President Obama for the country's health education senator if there is such a thing.
Oprah if you're reading this , get Mr.Ashton on your show ASAP !!!


Mary has actually reported on the "evils" of sugary snacks in school. But to be honest, while Ashton sounds a little heavy-handed, I much prefer educating kids to be able to make intelligent decisions than banning and demonizing sugar.

It's not the school's job to raise your kids. And if your kids have healthier (and let's be honest, tastier) choices on hand, the revenue from vending machines will dry up and the problem solves itself.

I don't agree with Mary's segment's very often, but I think this one is fine and the two topics Carol raises aren't particularly related. You might as well ask why there was no mention of the Apollo Program or the invention of the Graham cracker in the posting.

Carol Noran

Tell your friend Tom Ashton that of all the school districts on Long Island, Bay Shore is probably one of the most health conscious.

It has already developed a wellness program and wellness curriculum that has been featured at national conferences and won a Magna Award from the American School Board Journal. The high school, in particular, has a 5,000-square-foot wellness center which includes resources for exercise, research, and weight training.

A better alternative would be to question why some districts (and school boards) still allow unhealthy snacks and soda to be sold in their vending machines purely in an effort to raise money.

Again, I am surprised you didn't mention that in your simplistic essay.

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